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About Company Overview ION is an innovative, asset light global technology company that delivers powerful data-driven decision-making offerings to offshore energy and maritime operations markets. A leading technology innovator for over 50 years, ION recently expanded its cutting-edge technology application beyond energy, diversifying into relevant new markets such as offshore logistics, ports and security. The firm is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker IO. ION is headquartered in Houston, Texas with regional offices around the world. The company has approximately 400 employees, many of whom are in technical roles with advanced degrees.

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Technologies Hardware Seismic Equipment Underwater Navigation

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Software Imaging and Reservoir Services

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Markets Exploration & Production Government Ports & Harbors

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Data Library With complex and difficult plays becoming increasingly the norm, oil & gas Overview companies continue to work toward finding new technologies in order to better discover and evaluate petroleum potential. Understanding the geology is the What is the data library? foundation of every successful exploration campaign, and at ION we offer a global portfolio of geologically derived programs on a regional scale that have set a new industry standard in the 2D and 3D multi-client arena.

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Featured Programs Multi-Client Products

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